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The Forgotten Medicine Horse Speaks

The Following is a shared message from a Medicine Horse:

The Forgotten Medicine Horse

Most of us are currently known as the forgotten or given away horses, the horses that have no value because we can't accomplish the human equestrian goals that most of humanity seeks when they work with us we tend to have special health needs as well as sensitivities that make writing us unsafe, or our health will make it will make us un incapable of being ridden.

There is a tendency inside of the human mind to look at challenges and suffering as something that is completely normal and something we have to put up with all of this is the miss arranging of how the humans mind should be the trials, the challenges, the pain and the trauma that medicine horses have suffered through has given us the medicine to then offer right back to you. We had to go through these moments of being forgotten and being left at shelters in order to mirror and match the pain of humanity so that we can transmute it together.

We are walking earth angels. We know exactly the patterns and frequencies. We need to hold in order to update and evolve the entirety of all of humanity. So when you see us in a shelter or you see us in a lot do not weep for our pain open your heart and see the beauty and the gifts that we will shine forth because of the challenges we have gone through, which is the exact same mirror we offer you so that you can heal and feel the same way.

, We are all warriors of the divine. We are all here in one collective energetic pool, offering the medicinal antidote to all of pain and suffering all as one unified heartbeat.

We have the ability to love you unconditionally if you have the ability to see us clearly for the gifts that we give you if you can look deeply into our eyes and you can open your heart to us we will give you messages, healing, and emotional releases that will raise your vibrational frequency and launch you into the person that you desire to be most greatly. We have the ability to help you with manifesting healing, your physical body, releasing deep, emotional traumas, and wounds, helping the brain and the mental capacity focus on uplifting and positive vibrational thoughts, as well as connecting you to the height of your spirit so that you can feel what it feels like to be in a state of unconditional love just as we feel like that all the time. We want to feel loved we want to feel seen and we want to feel admired just like you do we can obtain the same states of wounding to mirror your wounding so that a mutual release can occur between the two of us.

The days of not listening to the medicine horse have ended, and this book shall be a catalyst into a new realm of understanding the potent power of the unseen world, and the potent placement of the medicine horse within it to help the whole of humanity evolve into an enlightened state so we can all live and enjoy peace and love together as one on the new earth which will resemble heaven on earth. It is your job to train your mind to see things in a positive light to see things happening for you and with you in order to evolve you and to drop the internal judgment that somethings are good and some things are bad. We're here to tell you all things are for you and always will be.

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