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My Visions of being one with Nature began to arise at age 2.  At least that is how I remember it.  I felt the harshness of this world and it drove me inward, to feel at home in the silence of nature, to feel healed by the presence of Horses, and to be loved on and cuddled by the unconditional care from cats.  I saw it, I felt it and now I have it.

I am 2.5 years into living in the middle of Nowhere Northern NM building my dream life by myself.  For the first 2 years, it was all building fences

and a chicken coop, a 1900'2 style medicine wagon for vending, a massive green house, and everything in between.  This ranch has given me true grit and gumption, as now I know I really can do anything if I am passionate about it!

My most passionate prayer is to always remember I am one with the Earth and her animal and plant kingdoms and it is the seed of this vision I want to share with you all, having Star Walker Ranch be the portal for me to share my intimate ranch moments with you all!

I have built a beautiful YouTube channel to share the Videos as well as an IG to share the moments.

With each video you watch, you to will see the magical healing abilities becoming one with Nature and how the Animals intuitively know whats best in each moment to live in authentic love and compassion for all.

If you also feel passionate about the world Remember their oneness with Nature, Earth, Animals, and Plants Subscribe to our @starwalkerranch YouTube channel!  This is a 100% FREE way for you to support my Vision of reaching out to the masses!

I pray this content inspires you, reminds you of your wholeness, and warms your heart!
As I walk in this way, my feet kiss the Earth as the Sun kisses my crown and everything I feel in between I will share with you!  Together we can remember our unity and wholeness as One!

Welcome to Star Walker Ranch!  Where the Spirit of the Horse Guides us Humans back to our Center, and back to Wholeness.

God Loves us so much!  That's why he gave us Horses!
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