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Horses.   They have always been my everything.  From the age of 2 I began riding and begging my parents to let me to jump.  My parents being more city then country didn't understand how I even knew about Horses.  I wanted Breyer toys, not dolls.  Horses, Horses, Horses.

I was small as a child, I weighed 40 pounds at age 9, so when I was 4 years young begging to take jumping lessons, the local trainer in Detroit Michigan refused, however my Mom kept on her until she gave in.  Tara was her name, and even though I bounced off after just about every jump being as my legs were not long enough to hang on I was still in Heaven.  I didn't care if I was on the dirt next to a horse, or on the horse, I just had to be within touching distance to be happy.

I began to show jump, and my parents got me my first pony.  Splish Spash, a very challenging cutie pie that would drag me most places, however she made me strong.  We showed in Michigan then moved to Little Colorado when I was 9.  Splash came with me.


We were unstoppable, I had no fear and a HUGE obsession with horses.  I felt like they were the only things that were honest and made sense in this world, and with a horse you always knew exactly where you stood, where as humans proved to be more challenging.  

I trained and jumped for more then 20 years, having a few different horses and ponies and being number 1 in my jumping division in the state of Colorado in 1996.  I moved on to play polo, breeze race horses in New Jersey, study with the Domain India Argentines in Argentina  I joined the Equestrian team at CSU for a year and worked at a few Horse Rescues Gentling wild mustangs and troubled abused horses.  My favorite Horse experience was going to San Luis Argentina and staying with the Scarpati Family, learning from Christo, his wife and his father Oscar was one of the most enlightening horse training experience I have ever done!  We worked barefoot, and opened our hearts to the Spirit of the Horses.

My Entire life all I have wanted was a horse ranch of my own, one where I could merge all of the healing I have learned for myself with the Spirit of the Horse into one Ranch.  A place where people could come, heal and grow in their own brightness.  I wanted to help troubled horses feel confident again and gentle wild ones.

Flash forward to my 40's and that dream has become a REALITY!  I bought my first Horse Ranch in the Mountains of Northern New Mexico in 2021! Star Walker Ranch is the first and only horse ranch that offers Multi Dimensional workshops with Horses!

I have made a medicine wheel round pen and inside this sacred structure we can work with the Medicine horses to gain access to other dimensions as well as harness our own ability to heal ourselves.

I started White Fox Medicine my medicinal healing line to be able to support the buying and building of my true dream and White Fox will remain an integral part of helping humans and horses heal as we move into this new world on Star Walker Ranch.

You can SHOP our Herbal Remedies here!

Buffalo Hoof 1.png


Buffalo Hoof Uses: Hoof Strengthener, Moisturizer, Thrush Cure, Abscess Prevention, Tick Repellant and Vitality Enhancer


(All Organic) MCT Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Echinacea, Ginger, Sage, Thyme, Wormwood, Oregano Essential Oil, Cedar Atlas Oil

Welcome to Star Walker Ranch!  Where the Spirit of the Horse Guides us Humans back to our Center, and back to Wholeness.

God Loves us so much!  That's why he gave us Horses!
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