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Hosted by White Fox Medicine™

Ready to Heal with Horses?  Scarlet Ravin is the head alchemist of White Fox Medicine, an all organic Artisanal company that offers a wide variety of medicinal herbal remedies for both horses and humans alike.  This gives the horses at Star Walker Ranch an opportunity to be treated in a gentle loving way.

When you come for a clinic, a weekend workshop or a healing with a horse Scarlet will weave in her medicinal offerings and offer them to both the horses and you if that is what is called for.

it's a miracle to watch herbs from the earth come to the most powerful potency and help us all come back into balance.  Horses are very sensitive creatures and when they get to use herbs for their health needs their nervous systems and over all well being improves greatly!

They like gentle healing paths just like us!

To browse White Fox Medicine head to and use code welcome fox for 20% off your first purchase!

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