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As a Sweet offering to the world, I am sharing my Spiritual Secrets for advancement and healing.  I post 90% of these videos on our YOUTUBE channel, that being said if you do not have a membership with YouTube you won't be able to listen to our Deep Sleep Meditations ad-free, so I created a Patreon to serve more people with this abundant healing offering.


If you would like access to ALL of my deep sleep hypnosis technology, the same technology I used to get the life I wanted here is the pathway to our Patreon:

Desert 11 Temple .png

Deep Sleep Healing

These powerful meditations are shared with binaural beats at 7hz to access your subconscious mind with I AM affirmations.  This reprograms you to step into the life you want.  There will be a series of healing deep sleep meditation offerings on our Patreon, Enjoy Angels!

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