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Animal reiki Course Offering

BEAUTIFUL HORSE LOVERS! I have a very special announcement! If you feel called to help Chico AND you also want to learn about Horse Reiki and mindfulness, I have the perfect opportunity!

A Special Fundraiser for Chico's Recovery

Join us for a unique, heart-warming class that will deepen your connection with horses while supporting a noble cause.

Introduction: At Star Walker Ranch, they believe in the power of connection between humans and horses. They've witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that mindfulness and presence can have on these magnificent creatures. That's why we're excited to invite you to a special class, "Mindfulness with Horses: Discover the Secret to Deeper Connection," led by renowned Animal Reiki expert Leah D’Ambrosio.

Class Details:
Date: Saturday, June 8, 2024
Time: 9am to 11am PT
Location: Online via Zoom
Price: Early Bird $59 - After June 2, 2024 the price increases to $89 (100% of proceeds go directly to Chico's care)

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What you will Discover

All proceeds go to Chico!

What You'll Learn: During this immersive 2-hour class, you'll discover:

  • The mutual benefits of meditation for horses and humans

  • How to cultivate a calm, joyful presence that fosters connection

  • Grounding techniques to enhance your interactions with horses

  • The wisdom we can learn from horses as our teachers

  • Best practices, safety, and ethics for working with horses


Why Your Support Matters: Horses like Chico are often discarded and sent to feedlots when they are no longer useful or require extensive care. Star Walker Ranch, founded by Scarlet Ravin, is dedicated to providing a safe haven for these special needs horses. However, the costs of caring for them can be overwhelming. By joining this class, you're not just investing in your own growth; you're helping to ensure that horses like Chico receive the love, care, and support they deserve.


About the Instructor: Leah D’Ambrosio is the Co-Founder of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association and is a pioneer in the field of Animal Reiki, having practiced and taught the Let Animals Lead® method, the oldest and most widely accepted form of Animal Reiki, since 2008.. With over 16 years of experience, Leah has supported hundreds of animals and students globally with this method.

Chico Needs our help

October of 2023, Chico started to have a white discharge out of his left nostril.  This led to antibiotic treatments, which did not help, which led to his first surgery.  A cyst was found in one of his sinus cavities but due to the complexity of the sinus in horses, unfortunately, this surgery didn't address all of the issues.

Chico now needs another sinus surgery and due to the cost of the first surgery, I am currently all tapped out.  I would be so honored if you could help me help this Beautiful horse get the treatment he needs.

He may not be your typical riding horse, but he still deserves a place in this world like every other horse!  I did get Chico health insurance after all of this occurred to cover all future costs if anything else were to happen, yet his insurance does not cover the sinus since this was a prior issue.

If you could help us raise the money we would be most appreciative!

Thank you!

Help us raise Funds for Chico

Our very special boy Chico has had multiple sinus issues.  Chico is not just like any other horse, he is a VERY special horse.  He is so sensitive that he spends his days sharing love with anyone he meets.


We started a Go Fund me

This special angel needs help!


Project Name

I will be booking his surgery for the week of May 6th, if you can help us help Chico in any way we would be over the moon grateful!

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