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Los Ojos, NM



A Temple with the Structure of a Green House in the High Desert New Mexican Mountains with access to 11 Dimensions.

This Sacred space was built as a portal to harness the power of the four directions here on Earth allowing us to access all 11 Dimensions at the center of our Prayer Wheel, located in the center of the Green House.  We are rooted in the Iron Core Crystal of Mother Earth spreading our Prayers into each layer that offers light into humanity's life.  We receive this light and allow the Solar rays of Father Sun and Lunar Rays of Mother Moon to dance with the Medicine we grow in our Desert Temple.  Each seed planted is a Prayer, and each medicine plant harvested is a blessing of more light to humanity.

Everything is grown organically, planted, and harvested on specific Moon cycles for 11 dimensional access through the Medicine.




Hold this Medicine close to your heart and feel the prayer, the light and the Love spread into each cell of your body with the Earth Gift as the bridge.  You are loved and cherished beyond measure, thank you for Being.

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