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Custom Medicine

Custom Herbal Formulas

Horses and Herbal Remedies go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Both are sensitive, natural and a gifts straight from our creator.  Here at Star Walker Ranch we heal our horses with a balanced mix of both Eastern and Western remedies with a focus on preventive medicine.

Our YouTube  Channel will have videos and tips on how to do this.

CURRENTLY TESTING the Following Formulas:

Topical Horse Salve

Cooling Horse Liniment

Herbal Calming Support

Immune System Support Formula

Wound Cleansing Balm

Horse Hair oil

Herbal Organic Fly Spray

Herbal Clay poultice

Healing Hoof Oil

Once these Formulations have been perfected we will be packaging and selling our Entire Star Walker Ranch Organic Herbal Wellness line right here!  So stay tuned!

Until then, Goosie, Denali and Chico will be reviving their weekly spa remedies trying out all the samples!

If your horse is staying with us to be trained or you are here to learn more about how to treat your own horse with herbal remedies from home we are here to help. 

If you are seeking Human Herbal Remedies we have you covered as well, check out our Human site WHITE FOX MEDICINALS to discover what healing herbs can help you come back to wholeness as well!

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IMG_1346 2.HEIC
We are also applying for Grants to help us launch this wellness line for horses, if you know of any we would be a good fit for please reach out we would love to apply!
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