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Wild Animals

May 2024, as we settle into this very private INCREDIBLE new secluded ranch, we set our intention to create oneness with the wild animals that surround us.  Through meditation and loving interactions, this chapter of Star Walker Ranch, Animal Sanctuary addition has begun!

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Deer Medicine

Deer Spirits represent truth, innocence, gentleness, and Heart intelligence.  As we connect with the wild deer, showing our hearts and loving one another we send this way of living out into the world through vibrational ripples.  What is happening here shall spread to the whole world.


Raven Medicine

As we are a part of the Raven bird tribe, returning to earth to bring messages of Heaven, we will connect with these local birds to expand our imagination.  We will listen to their stories and share them with the world.

Raven bird ( Corvus corax ) close up.jpg
Red fox kit. Little fox peeking,.jpg


Fox Medicine

Fox medicine has many layers, we are connecting with these beloved creatures to learn how to fully rewild ourselves.  To learn about our inner innate confidence and to shine that forth.  These loving wild beings will be sharing with us how to live in the present, and we will share their teachings with you all.


Squirrel Medicine

Squirrels will teach us once again, to see opportunities where one may see a challenge.  We will become resourceful like the squirrel and share our visions through a blessed lens.  Each moment is a gift, let us allow squirrels to show us how to see the world in this way.

Cute American red squirrel in autumn golden light eating acorn.jpg
With pointed ears, a slender muzzle, and a drooping bushy tail, the coyote often resembles

More animals will come into our Wild Sanctuary as they are ready, as all animals, bugs, and reptiles are invited to our Star Walker Ranch Animal Sanctuary Edition.

Each moment is an opportunity to love, to bridge the gap between humans and nature, and to remember our Divine Heritage.  This project will leave a deep impact on the world at large, reminding everyone about our limitless nature and our limitless love for all things.

Blessed are we all!

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