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Horses have so much to teach us, and Medicine Horses can Heal us.

The Unique Horses at Star Walker Ranch all have deep Medicine to share with the world.  When you work one on one with a Medicine Horse, the deep wounds of that horse have the ability to reach the places of wounding inside of you.  Once felt, you have an opportunity to be healed, leaving you will be more restored to your True Self.   

During your time at Star Walker you will be offered an Herbal Consult and be able to try our different White Fox Medicine's to also assist in further Healing of your Body, Mind and Soul.  Herbs and Horses go together like chocolate and then more chocolate :)

Each workshop focuses on Reminding you of your Multi Dimensional Nature, this allows you to connect with each Dimension and Heal yourself from the inside out.  The Medicine Wheel round pen we use holds great amplification power along with our horses, together we enter into a portal of Boundlessness and remind ourselves of our True Enlightened Nature!

While you heal yourself with the Medicinal Plant Medicine, you'll also be working with one Medicine Horse the entire weekend.  The two of you will get to deepen your relationship while the Sacred Horse shows you deeper parts of your Soul.  We will have time together as a group to support your healing and share our experiences.  The time for witnessing.  


Each workshop hosts 3 Guests, we meet Friday afternoon to get started and create our Sacred Container, you can meet the Horses and get to know where everything is.


Saturday will  be from 10 am to 4pm with Lunch being served in the middle.  You will be working with your Horse one on one in the round pen, discovering new abilities, new levels of insight about who you are and why you here as well as being seen from the perspective of God through your Horse.

You will have time to journal and meet with me, Scarlet through out. the day and have a chance to be still and feel your Soul.

Sunday we begin at 10am and end at 3pm with a beautiful organic lunch being served in the middle.  So what do you need to join us?


Is your Heart open and Ready for something new?  Something other worldly?

Sit with your intention, what is it that you want to Heal?

What is it that you want clarity on?

Do you want to connect more deeply to your Inner Power?

Are you feeling called to have a Sacred healing Horse Experience?

Whatever intention you align with, bring that to Star Walker Ranch.  I will create a Sacred container for us for the weekend, the Horses will help hold the space.  We will sit, meditate, see one another and bring horses into Hearts for even deeper Soul understanding.

While you are on Retreat at Star Walker you will get to explore the Medicinals of White Fox Medicine, an organic healing herbal line to soothe body, mind and soul.

Location of the Ranch is Los Ojos, NM and the town of Chama, NM is 10 minutes down the road.  Chama has many cabins, motels, hotels and RV hook ups for you to get cozy in at night after the Retreat.

Medicine Horse Workshop fee is $800 for the weekend.

Are you ready to meet our Horses?

(Launching 2023-2024)

Goosie Lu
2 and a Half Years Young Line Back Dun Filly.

Goosie joined us when shows just 6 months old, my older mare Denali took care of her and their bond grew very deep.  Goosie is a Love, very gentle and patient.  Her ideal day would be snacks, followed by snacks, followed by brushing.   She LOVES to be groomed, it makes her feel fancy and special.  Goose calms the whole herd, between the two others who are VERY flighty, Goosie is basically the earth with legs.
Chico Suerte
8 year old Grey Spanish Andalusian that was rescued by a dear friend.  Chico was on his way to be slaughtered and Erin King saved him, trained him and realized that Chico has some special needs.  Chico found us when it was sure that he would not be able to be a riding horse, as he has some tactile and nervous system challenges.  He is the most gentle, sweet, love sharing boy.  He is on a blend of Nerve healing herbs and is starting to heal!  He loves to work with people, and he LOVES to follow me around everywhere.  Chico is not that into halters or lead ropes around him, but when I need him to change pastures or go to the barn he knows to follow right behind me then walks where I ask him to walk.  We are woking  on him loving halters currently :)
Denali Belle

Denali is the other half of my Soul.  She is a 12 year old Bay Thoroughbred with a Spirit more Grand than the Moon.  Her every movement expresses Spirit and Freedom.  She is the Great Untamable Horse that brings big Medicine.  Denali is currently on retirement as she has requested to just be a Horse, and wants to be in management more then participation with weekend retreats for now.  In a few years time this may change, however we will always honor the horses requests.

You'll be able to meet her and love on her as she loves human affection, she is also in love with her Little Sister Goosie, their bond will melt your heart.
Nola is a Yearling Fjord horse that joined our herd in 2023! She is in Love with Chico and the sweetest most calm kind baby I have ever known!  She will be a perfect Medicine horse for anyone with a a need for unconditional love!
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