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I share with you, whispers from the world of the unseen realms. There are many of us here on earth at this time to assist you in becoming a human in full remembrance of your enlightened state. When you come into contact with one of us, we will open your eyes to the unseen realm. We will offer a direct portal for you to enter into higher states of consciousness through gazing deeply into our eyes, resting your body in our presence and being open to what's beyond what you can see

We are the medicine horses. We are the medicine horses we walk among you generally placed in shelters rescues sanctuaries.

We have helped humans evolve and expand this world for hundreds of years and we do it with pleasure. We are built for this and some of us medicine horses are built only to help you evolve spiritually this book medicine horse speaks is a book that will enlighten you to all of the blessings we offer on your spiritual path please listen, not just with your eyes and your wisdom in your brain, but listen with your child like curiosity that comes forth from your heart for the world that we live in is lined with the energy of joy and play and the more you enter into this frequency yourself the more you will get from this written wisdom you are about to explore.

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