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Patreon Mystery School

Welcome to the New Earth Naked Starseed Mystery School!

I, Scarlet have launched this new platform to give access to my Channeling, Transmissions, Alchemical Secrets to you!


Patreon is a platform of exchange, so you can sign up for any tier you’d like and the first tier starts at $3.  This allows you access to my teachings that I share to with my Starseed Coaching Clients.  I will be sharing Practices for you to Focus on so you may upgrade your Vibration.  I will share Live Channelings where you can ask questions and get specific guidance for you!


This allows all beings to access my Light in a way that serves them!  Together we rise back into a Vibrational State of Remembrance!


I will also be gifting certain Tiers different Alchemical Secrets that I use in my company White Fox Medicine.  My prayer is that this Patreon Portal gives you the light, motivation, remembrance and guidance you need to Create the LIFE you want NOW.


To know with every cell of your body that you are living in Heaven on Earth and your ability to shape light and receive all that is coming TO YOU with ease, grace, play and laughter!


If you feel called join me on this journey and let’s enjoy the Mysteries of our Powers !

~ Structure ~

The following will be the light structure around the Naked Starseed Mystery School.  This will allow you to get into a rhythm with the Star gates I create for you to walk through.  Each Star Gate you walk through will be another light ring vibrational resonance and as you remember during the teachings you awaken more of your power, more of yourself.

~ Every few days I will post a new Star Gate video, these will be the lessons that will act as remembrance rings.   When you watch the video know this: you are energy, what I share is an expanded consciousness of energy, when you resonate with what I share your vibrations remember this wisdom and you glow brighter, expand more.

~ During the Star Gate lessons will be posts about how to anchor these states of Remembrance into your body through living in a Multi-Dimensional way.  I will share how I intuitively move through life guided by my Bliss Creating New Worlds as I go.  Through our time together we will be sharing vibrational resonance and you will have an opportunity to be attuned to Multi-Dimensional Living through the Teachings of the Naked Starseed.

~ You WILL be supported.  The opportunity to ask me to do custom channelings, teachings and downloads for you will be available.  The lessons that I share in the Star Gate Portals will be channeled specifically for the Mystery School Group here on Patreon.  Your energy together as a whole will be directing what I bring forth for you to Remember all your Powers Now.

~ The more you commit to being the Light that Builds the New World, the more you will get out of this Mystery School.  YOU and YOU alone have the power to create any state of expression you wish to create for yourself in this life, you have zero limitations.  These Star Gates will take you back to Knowing this Knowing.  You ARE the Creator of ALL things.

Now join me in shaping the LIGHT of our Future!



Scarlet Ravin

White Fox Medicine

Naked Starseed

Patreon Starseed Mystery School Temple Entrance

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